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Intellimar was formed in 1996 to provide marketing and sales consulting services to a US industrial security market that was lacking in forward-thinking strategies. What started with our CEO Mark Oakes’ vision has grown into a series of entrepreneurial ventures employing over 100 staff. These ventures span multiple industries but are guided by a core set of principles. You could call it “design thinking” but with a strong bent towards sales and the art of selling to solve problems for our customers.

We’ve become adept at balancing the tension of fostering an entrepreneurial “incubator” environment while never losing our focus on fiscal discipline. Over the past 25 years, we’ve seen the broader business world catch up to the reality that — a few venture capital funded unicorns aside — you can’t truly be innovative without first sowing the seeds of fiscal discipline.

In addition to Mark being named the Ernst &Young Maryland Entrepreneur-of-the-Year in 2004, Intellimar was also ranked as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in America on Inc. magazine’s 23rd annual 500 list. The principles outlined above drove a 2,718 percent growth rate, and they will drive us into a bright and exciting future that is boundless when it comes to industries and sectors but tightly wound by the principles that have helped us to always remain profitable and free to create.

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